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Quick guide to creating new threads and uploading and inserting attachments and videos

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  • Quick guide to creating new threads and uploading and inserting attachments and videos

    Hi everyone - I'm going to do videos to cover these topics but in the mean time here is a simple guide to:

    Creating a new thread (discussion)

    1. Find the forum board (also known as a channel or simply 'forum') which matches the subject best. You can find these listed from the nav bar from Forum Index.
    2. Find the button that shows + New Thread - click that, enter a title and then use the post editor to create your opening post. To complete the action press the Post button on the bottom right of the editor.

    Uploading photos to include in your forum post

    1. There are several ways of doing this. You should be able to see a paper-clip icon on the top right of the post editor, next an underlined A (this toggles the simple and advanced editor) and a smilie face (for accessing a choice of smilies/emoticons/emojis). The paperclip represents 'attachments'.
    2. The paper-clip button toggles the attachment options at the bottom left of the post editor window. You will see two buttons: Upload Attachments and Upload from URL.
    3. Upload from URL lets you copy an image elsewhere on the Internet - please respect the copyright of the original site.
    4. Upload Attachments lets you upload images stored locally on your computer or portable device.
    5. Select on or more images to upload and execute the upload action.
    6. Unlike before with the old forum, the forum now identifies large images and, where necessary, down-sizes them. So in most cases you won't need to worry about resizing them to the size you wish to display them at. The maximum size currently set is 1600 pixels in either axis. If you are very particular about the absolute image quality, it's still best to hand-craft an image to the size (within the 1600x1600 limit) first.
    7. Once your image file or files are uploaded you will see size options and an option to remove the file. Choose the size you feel most appropriate and it will be placed at the position of the cursor/caret in the post editor.
    8. If you don't choose any of the size options the image will be shown as a thumbnail at the bottom of your post, which is not really ideal.
    9. If you feel ambitious and would like to fiddle with the arrangement of the objects in your post, on the Advanced Edit Mode tool bar at the far left is a button with a page icon containing <>. This toggles the editor between text-only and rich-view modes. More about this in a future tutorial but briefly, images are now shown via JSON statements, although BBCODE is still supported.

    Showing videos in posts

    In the old forum you could type in a YouTube address and the video would be shown in your post. For the time being you will need to use the video url button (to the left of the double quote button on the editor tool bar. It does actually look like a bit of filmstrip! Press than and enter the video url.

    I'll leave it there for now.

    But of course if you have any questions, please post them as responses here.

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    I am still unable to get some of the old ways that i had become so familiar with..i liked the idea of first uploading a lot of files and then using them later in story fashion / re-sequencing them as a narrative..and sometimes these would be a pretty long narrative (mostly of a trip or a location ) .. at times going into several episodes..
    but any way here's to the new year 2020 (and that was my favourite smilie)
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