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L1 Silkypix adjustments, what preferences?

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  • L1 Silkypix adjustments, what preferences?

    Hello Folks

    I am the new member to this forum, although using my L1 since 2007.
    And I will not give away this beautiful camera, because I like the colours and look of the pictures so much.
    I don't need 15MP plus cameras with sharp but digital cool pictures…
    The lenses I use (14-50 2.8/3.5; 50-200 2.8/3.5 non SWD) are a class of its own...
    People are often surprised that the pictures where taken by an old camera with a small chip -- compared to today's mega mega mania cameras.

    However, I am looking for settings for silkypix to get the most out of my raw files.
    Using silkypix from my start on, I was never 100% happy with the results compared to OOC jpegs. I am looking for the big advantage using raw but never find it. Except for pictures where the exact exposure was missed,
    the raw files gave me the room for correct developing the bad shot.

    What are your settings or experiences with silkypix?

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    Re: L1 Silkypix adjustments, what preferences?

    Hi Flint -


    Someone who uses Silkypix will have an answer.

    Regards. Barr1e


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      Re: L1 Silkypix adjustments, what preferences?

      Originally posted by Barr1e View Post
      Hi Flint -


      Someone who uses Silkypix will have an answer.

      Regards. Barr1e

      I used Silkypix for a short time, after purchasing my GH3 before Lightroom supported it. In my view Silkypix is a slow and clumsy program, most camera manufacturers own included processing software is, that's why third part software is used so much.
      My advise don't waste your times with it, if you can purchase Photoshop Elements or Lightroom 5, I would favour Lightroom personally.

      As to settings surely that depends on the individual image, what you like in your pictures, its all very subjective. If you are going to use fixed settings then stick with JPG, the camera can be customised, sharpening, saturation, contrast and the like, processing the way you would like your images.

      Unless you are printing large prints A3 and above, and want processing with lots of control for artistic reasons or a combination of both then RAW may not be of advantage to you.



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        Re: L1 Silkypix adjustments, what preferences?

        Thanks for your answer.
        The speed is ok on my Sony laptop (7i with 8GB RAM).
        Adobe products are in my option a little bit overload with functions I don't need, e.g. tools/functions for saving/archiving.
        I need a clean, simple but powerful raw developer. And for me Silkypix is looking as the right tool.
        And no, I don't want a "universal setting" for all scenarios. I know for such cases the film or personal settings are having good adjustments.
        I am looking for some guidelines, not making the pictures worse by trying to improve them.
        In German there is the word "verschlimmbessern", meaning trying to improve things but actually make them worse.
        And that is exactly what I want to avoid: Developing raws which are looking worse than the OOC jepgs.


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          Re: L1 Silkypix adjustments, what preferences?


          I am a long term Silkypix user with my Olympus cameras.I have the paid for Developer studio 4 ,I don't know how much this differs from the version supplied with Panasonic cameras.
          I don't pretend to be an expert in Raw developing but I find it gives very good results mainly by using the five setting on the LHS ie exposure, white balance, tone, colour and noise reduction.
          I have the rotation/perspective panel open all the time to correct horizons/converging lines etc.
          I used the Chromatic abberation tool with some of my lenses ie the m4/3 14-150 which is really easy to use and does a great job.
          I then put all my images in the developing queue and make a cup of tea.

          I am running windows7 on an i3 processor with 4 gig of ram and it's resonably fast.

          Hope this helps.
          All the best


          E1,E5,E420,OM1(N),14-54,12-60SWD,7-14,50-200,50mm F2 macro,25mm pancake,EC14,Sigma 50-500,OM50mm(F1.8),OM28mm(f2.8),FL36,HLD4,HLD2,Epson P3000,Manfrotto 680b monopod,crap tripod,various filters/CF cards.


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            Re: L1 Silkypix adjustments, what preferences?

            I am a long term user of Silkypix, then Silkypix Pro, though I use several other programs for special features when required. (no developer gives the best result for every image!).
            Silkypix has less features than some of the heavyweights, but once you get to understand the different interface, it can give you very, very nice results, as good as any most of the time.
            There are critics of Silkypix, but from the way they comment it is clear that they have not had the patience or interest in learning to properly use it.
            So if you have tried it and like it, I would urge you to persist. It won't take long, and you will be very happy with the results.
            I don't have settings to advise because I individually process most images.