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Film camera flash units on OM-D bodies

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  • Film camera flash units on OM-D bodies

    Hi All,
    I'm new to the forum, and also new to the Micro four thirds camera system. I was a long-time Olympus user from the '70's onward, when my uncle "gifted" me his OM-1, with a couple of Zuiko zooms. It was an early model, even preceding the ones which followed, with provisions for a motor drive. I went on to add some lenses of my own, along with an OM-2, OM-2 Spot and OM-4T, shooting with Olympus gear for many years. I'm an amateur photographer, shooting only for my pleasure; I stopped in the 80's, as work and life got in the way, then dabbled a little with the Minolta Maxxum and Dynax autofocus cameras that came out. Moved onto various point-and-shoots since then, and of course, the smartphone. But recently, I purchased an OMD E-M10ii, with the 14-42 pancake kit lens because it was on a special deal, and made my foray into M43. Since then, I also purchased a second-hand OMD E-M1 with a 12-50mm zoom and have been having fun rediscovering the joys of photography.

    My question to the forum is this: I have a couple of flash units from my film days; an Olympus T-32 flash unit and an Olympus F-280 flash unit. As I've found since starting in M43, I could get an adapter ring to use some of my old OM Zuiko manual lenses on these new digital bodies. I was wondering if anyone knows if these old flash units will work on these M43 bodies? Would appreciate any input here, as I've not found any information about this anywhere else, thanks.

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    Hi, All the OM Flash units will work with the OMD Bodies. But only as manual units or auto via the sensor built into the gun. I use several T20 guns and they work well.

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      Hi Graham,
      Many thanks for your reply and information. As I said, I haven't shot much photography in recent years, other than with point-and-shoots or my phone, and am just getting back into the ins and outs of combining my old film stuff with this new digital equipment. Didn't want to damage either the flash units or the camera bodies, and sought to get some advice. Much appreciated, I'll do some experimentation going forward.


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        Graham is a mine of information - in particular concerning flash! But don't get him started on multi-spot metering!

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