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  • Great Image Quality

    I`ve been using my E-330 for nearly 2 years now (still only have the 14-45 lens), and I`m still impressed with the image quality and the colours. I shoot in RAW all the time and often print at A3. Coming from the Olympus 2500L (2.5mp) I was used to the picture aspect ratio which I like better than other DSLRs altogether a more useful format, for me at least.

    I like producing creative pictures often bordering on graphic art (or so I`m told) and many photographic judges have commented how sharp my images are although I do produce a lot of intentionally blurry images too, I like to be creative and this camera lends itself to my way of photography. There is one guy in my local camera club who owns a Canon 5D, he`s a very good photographer and produces some very clean and sharp images and he is always closely looking at my 330 photos, it really bugs him how sharp and detailed they are.

    I`ve beaten many a Canon 5D, 1Ds and Nikon D-whatever in photographic competitions, so the 330 definately holds its own.

    All I need now is the fabled 12-60 lens.


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    Re: Great Image Quality

    IMHO, as a standard zoom the 12-60 can't be beaten.


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      Re: Great Image Quality

      Pleased you have found the E-330 so useable and likeable.
      I feel the same with my E-3 and when the 12-60 lens is mounted it is a wonderful combination.

      Regards. Barr1e


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        Re: Great Image Quality

        If you have the 14-45 why not try the 9-18?.