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More general-purpose bags for laptops with camera gear?

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  • More general-purpose bags for laptops with camera gear?

    Yesterday I wrote a slightly self-indulgent article focused on my quest for a new bag to accommodate a smaller and lighter laptop as well as my camera gear.

    I've given up my monster of a Dell Inspiron 15R 15.6 inch screen plastic fantastic laptop (an early 8-thread Core i7 laptop with discrete nVidia GPU) and now have a much more modern and small (and light) Acer Swift 3 14 inch ultraportable. This has a Core i5 8250u CPU and nVidia MX150 GPU. Only an i5, but it also runs 8 threads and benchmarks almost 50% faster than my old Dell. The GPU is considerably faster and all these means a better Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro experience. It also has a very fast m2 PCIe SSD - but I digress!

    Personally, I find that many camera bags focus too much on the camera aspect and not enough on daily use. I treat my camera and a couple of lenses as an every day tool-set and I carry them with my laptop and some other bits and pieces.

    My old 'messenger' shoulder bag from Think Tank Photo was excellent for the old laptop but it's too big for my new one. I've also recently been a convert to backpacks though some sling bags which you don't have to take off to access the contents of your bag are also interesting.

    I was wondering what people here use? Am I alone in wanting a more general-purpose bag for both my laptop and the camera gear?


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    Interesting. My current backpack that have followed me on many trips are starting to show it's age. I do have 2 bigger backpack (lowepro and Tamrac) that was bought for the then E series but they are too big for my current use. I don't want a single shoulder when I carry the laptop with my gears. So this would be interesting to follow.
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