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Old 18th May 2011
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Re: Some observations for Silkypix users

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Absolutely - if there is nothing to recover, I completely agree. But most default views don't place the highlight limit at the extreme right of the histogram, so there may well be detail in highlights that just need to be revealed.

I'm not sure what you mean by that Ian, are you saying that LR's histogram is not accurate or most exposures are not accurate?

I usually find that when using just the highlight slider on any program you can usually recover a third of a stop before it starts effecting other tones in the image.

The example I tested was what I consider a good exposure in not overly bright conditions with the brightest part of the fur 1/3 of a stop underexposed but no fur detail was showing before adjustment.


Just using the Highlight slider to recover the white fur and the resulting tones in the rest of the image.

With LR3

The same with Capture One 6 , in this case more detail was recoverable but to the detriment of image saturation.

Now in Silkpixy Pro the highlight slider has no visable effect at all on highlight detail and is about as much use as a chocolate teapot..But look what happens when you just reduce overall exposure.

Now i know there are other adjustment you can make but this was just to test the Highlight slider in all 3 programs, personally I think these sliders are overated.
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Old 18th May 2011
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Re: Some observations for Silkypix users

That's pretty much what I expected. You have to be very careful with the highlight recovery on a GH1 rawfile as the blown area edge will often have an orange or blue tint after recovery that does not go away no matter what options you set for the recovery. In such situations it's export to PSP and tidy it up or forget the recovery alltogether. Hence why I prefer to bring the image exposure down in camera till it's below clip point and boost shadows with curves. A little noise is preferable to a hideous blown patch.
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Old 13th March 2013
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Re: Some observations for Silkypix users

Does anyone know how to delete Silkypix ? It does not allow you to delete in my computer..........
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